Murdoch owns everything. Simple.

The journalism student inside me is screaming, but, when I flip the channel on the TV to catch a glimpse of the news, my last thought is who censors or owns watch I’m watching. Some research into the topic, however, has taught me just how controversial Australia’s media concentration is as the few people in control of what is portrayed and interpreted through Australia’s news platforms is displayed with little variation.

In 2016, having undergone recent changes in Media ownership, the Australian Communications and Media Authority released the image shown below to draw attention to the power held by the 12 people controlling our major media companies. Foxtel, Ten Corp, 9, etc. are just a few of the large media outlets where people Australia wide get their news fix daily. The money behind such powerful companies and their shareholders highlights how one-sided communication can be. Rupert Murdoch is an exemplary example as he overpowers both the newspaper industry and Foxtel.
Who owns what in Australian Media

The Murdoch empire has ownership of a whopping 57% of daily newspaper ownership Australia wide. Thus, over half of our news via newspaper harbours a one-sided, possibly biased opinion coming from one man’s vision and ideas. Yes, in this day and age we are moving further and further away from newspapers as our primary source of news, but this is still an example of how our news is indeed owned. Media is made up of three key components; censorships, trust and ethics. Together the three are challenged by individuals when the story presented to us is interpreted as coming from such a small scope and one-sided perspective. There remains some truth to our news, but to what extent do we trust and move forward with the angle assigned to it?

I suppose if you enjoy watching the news to gain a basic understanding of current affairs and the happenings of the world, then media ownership doesn’t inherently affect you or does it? Do we harbour the opinions of those presenting us with the facts unknowingly or are we as a population wise enough as individuals to perceive the facts with our take? I suppose it depends from person to person. As someone who would like to think they’re knowledgeable and worldly enough to place my lens over a fact despite how it’s delivered, I’m not inherently bothered by these facts. They do however shock me and leave me wondering who and what to trust.

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