Fax Me Your Feelings

In a day and age where music icons cowrite or have no part in the writing of their lyrics and music, song writing as a talent is extremely valuable and impressive. The hidden talent behind poetic lyrics and music theory knowledge is one not found in many, which is why interviewing the boys from local Sydney band Fax Me Your Feelings was incredibly insightful.

Sam and Aidan formed the band in 2017 during a year 11 music class at their high school. The two shared a passion for music and while conducting their HSC decided they wanted to be doing more. They drew inspiration from just about everywhere, Sam going as far to say he learnt drums from listening to Queens of the stone age on repeat.

For them song writing is something that comes naturally. Aidan, the lead guitarist and bassist, has been playing and writing music for as long as he remembers. He describes his playing as ‘mostly indie or something’ but regularly posts ‘lo-fi beats’ on his private Instagram. Sam on the other hand writes all the lyrics and melodies for the band, drawing on real life inspiration for his ‘depressing lyrics’.

The band itself can be categorised as indie but it’s the slow and sad lyrics and sound that really identify the band. The pair will be the first to describe their music as depressing, it being a regular running joke amongst their mates. One of their songs even describes Sam’s inability to write positive and uplifting songs, “my girlfriend hates it, I told her I’d only write a song about her if we break up”.

The hidden talent of song writing is a difficult one for them to describe. For the two boys its nothing but a pastime and some simple fun, not a difficult task. The process begins during a ‘jam sesh’, where they play whatever they feel. If they play something they like, they record it. Then they go on to write drum parts, lyrics, harmonies and as off recently even strings. Over the past two years the boys have collectively learnt and bought instruments such as drums, double bass, violin and flute. Both of the boys are mainly self-taught with their instruments, both starting out by learning guitar in primary school.

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