Convergent Journalism: JUNKEE. Media

We live in a world where clickbait is considered a form of “journalism,” when the press used to be of huge importance a century ago. Society is making it harder for journalists to remain credible. The world needs journalists because they are committed to finding truth and protecting citizens.

Sydney Duest

JUNKEE. media, formerly known as Sound Alliance was formed in 2000, however, with the change of name and ownership came a change of pace and media expansion for the outlet. Before formally changing the publication’s name, it was used to trial native advertising for Sound Alliance and its partners, all of which no use the style of advertising and are often referred to as sponsored or branded content, regularly seem on social media platforms. This change in advertising led to a younger demographic being the majority of users on the site. JUNKEE’s main audience come from facebook, with nearly 70 percent of the news outlets traffic coming from mobile phones.

The site is fitted well for both laptop/computer and mobile viewing, the
aesthetic of the site being bright, eye catching colours and images. The site
is kept modern and engaging with the use of GIFs and pop culture references in the headlines.

A look at the desktop view of the front page from 02.11.19. With references to current reality shows such as the Bachelorette and Love Island.

With the increase influx of younger viewers, JUNKEE has branched out, creating PUNKEE and AWOL. PUNKEE is an entertainment site aimed at 16-24 year olds and AWOL is a youth travel site backed by Qantas.

The sites navigation is simple, with a drop down box from the main menu showing the categories of their articles. These include music, culture, film, TV, gaming, news, politics, future, uni and travel. As well as this, they have the links to their publications, AWOL and PUNKEE, and the links to their social media sites.

The drop down links in the mobile viewing format

The site as a whole is aimed at Generation Z, with a more left political stance. They advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and share coverage of political events in align with a leftist view. They have recently covered everything to do with the climate strikes and post continuous articles about why climate change is something we should all be aware of.

We create highly shareable content about the things that matter (and sometimes the things that don’t) and we continually strive to add to the conversation, not just the noise. We also help brands to tell and share their stories. We believe that to resonate with young Australians, brands need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.

JUNKEE. Media on who they are.

As a whole the site is one of Australia’s most commonly viewed online news outlets, with a strong focus on educating the youth of Australia on just about everything and anything.

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